Quelle incroyable soirée j’ai passée le 12 février dernier au Cactus Jack’s nightclub de Kamloops. Une soirée digne de mention. Une soirée parfaite. Le groupe canadien Monster Truck s’emmenait dans ma petite ville de la Colombie-Britannique pour nous donner toute une leçon de rock. Mais ils n’étaient pas seuls à nous en mettre plein les oreilles. Le groupe The Picturebooks était aussi de la partie.
Ils m’ont laissé complètement sur le cul! Si vous avez la chance d’aller les voir à Montréal le 1er mars prochain, ne la manquez pas. Vous allez en avoir pour votre argent et vos tympans aussi. Ils ne seront malheureusement pas du spectacle de Québec, mais les gens de cette ville ne seront pas en reste, car ce sera l’excellent Sandveiss qui assurera la première partie des Trucks là-bas.


MONSTER TRUCKThe picturebooks
Cactus Jack’s Nightclub
Kamloops, BC
February 12 th 2019

This morning, my ears are still buzzing after the powerful concert I attended at the Cactus Jack’s Nightclub.  What a great night it was.  I love Monster Truck since I saw them with Guns N Roses couple of years back in Quebec City in front of 60 thousand people.  And on that night I was hooked.

A well oiled powerful band that gives the fans all they got every night they are performing.

So they were in Kamloops as part as their Down & Dirty club tour that will bring them all over Canada, from Vancouver where they started the tour to Fredericton at the end of March, while stopping in Montreal on March 1st and in Quebec city on the 2nd.  And let me tell you, you don’t want to miss them.

Promoting their brand new album that came out last September, the Trucks gave the fans what they were there for.  Good old in your face rock n roll.  Mixing some fans favorites songs like Sweet Mountain River or Don’t tell me how to live with brand new songs like True Rocker and Evolution, the four piece rock n roll machine delivered the goods.  Their stage presence is without a doubt one of the best I’ve seen in years of reviewing concerts, and the happiness they show to be on stage is contagious to everybody wherever they play.  When a band is happy to be on stage, it shows right away.  And I think that Monster Truck is in the rock n roll business for the right reasons…for the love of music and Rock n Roll.

As for the band opening for them, my ass still hurts after I fell on it hearing The Picturebooks. There is nothing I can say to you more than you got to go see that band once in your life.  A two pieces rock n roll machine that will leave you speechless for many reasons.  Once you hear them, you will understand everything.  Fynn Claus Grabke on vocals and on guitars is a powerful singer and performer, while Philipp Mirtschink on drums is just a beast.  Banging his drums like a madman, he really proved to me that drummers are sometimes a big part of a rock band.  Without him, the band would be very different and would lose a lot.  Gladly for us, they are together and rocking like there is no tomorrow.  A band you guys MUST discover at any cost.

What a great night again it was at the Cactus Jack’s nightclub in Kamloops.  I just can’t wait for the next show in my new hometown.

Thanks to Kammerce Promotions for bringing the rock n roll in our city.  You deserve a medal!

The Picturebooks
The rabbit and the wolves

Texte et photos: Laurent Lépine