J’adore faire des critiques de grands groupes et de spectacles grandioses. Mais j’adore par-dessus tout aller voir des jeunes qui essaient de percer dans le monde de la musique.
C’est ce que j’ai fait jeudi soir dernier en allant voir trois groupes hyper-talentueux de la relève.
Venant tous de la Colombie-Britannique, ils valent le déplacement.


AT MISSION DOLORES / Phosphenes / Post-Modern Connection
The Blue Grotto nightclub, Kamloops B.C.
January 24th 2019

It’s been ten years or so that I am doing show reviews in Quebec.  I’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of shows over the years.  I saw some of the biggest acts around the planet, and I even interviewed some of them like Scorpions and Mötley Crüe.  It is always exciting to do so because these have been my idols since I was a kid, but what excites me more is covering new bands and new artists.

I love seeing new bands enjoying what they do.  I love seeing them having the future in their hands, seeing them having faith in having a career in the music business.  That what excites me the most.  And I try to give them as much exposure as I can, because without those kids and those bands around, music would just die.

That is why when I heard At Mission Dolores, I wanted to go and check them out at their show last Thursday night at the Blue Grotto Nightclub.  And since they are lads from Kamloops, it was even more obvious that I should go.  And I am glad I did, since the three bands I saw that night were more than good.

First of all, The Blue Grotto is a super place to attend a concert.  Not only is the place nice, but the staff is also very friendly, which I am starting to think is the normal “western” behaviour, but nevertheless adds to the night’s experience. But Music is why I was at The Blue Grotto, and I was served.

First band to take the stage was called Post-Modern Connection.  Boy this band kicks some serious ass.  I am not talking here about a band you go see to crowd surf or smash your head into a concrete wall, but Tega Ovie, the lead singer and guitarist of the band is something else.  He has the moves, he has the looks, he has the pipes and he sure has an immense talent.  Saying he has immense talent is not even enough… He has it all! Click on the link at the end of the article to check them out.  This is something else I guaranty you.

Second band on the bill was Phosphenes with their very smooth and mellow music that everybody attending enjoyed.    Their singer has so much talent and stage presence, especially for a woman her age.  It’s time this band considers having a website or a facebook page!

It was time for At Mission Dolores.  I met the boys right before the show and it was a pleasure to talk to them.  They are passionate people who looked more than happy to be playing in their hometown.  I read somewhere that they describe themselves as a Psychedelic Pop band, but I really think they are more rock than pop, and to me that’s a good thing!

When a great band is having fun on stage, it makes the music even more enjoyable, and that is what happened when At Mission Dolores played the other night.  After 2 EPs in the books and 2 more coming your way in 2019, things are shaping up for a cool and exciting career for these young musicians.

To know more about the bands, here are the links

Text: Laurent Lépine

At Mission Dolores

Post-Modern Connection