Pour notre première sortie à Kamloops, nous avons eu le plaisir de voir The Trews, groupe canadien bien connu ainsi que The Carbons et Friday Night Fires. Tout ça se déroulait au Cactus Jacks Nightclub. Quelle belle soirée nous avons eue.  Une soirée plus que Rock n Roll, et qui me fait espérer que le meilleur pour l’avenir de Daily-Rock Québec en Colombie-Britannique. Nous espérons que nos critiques de spectacles de Colombie-Britannique ne vous choqueront pas étant donné qu’elles seront uniquement en anglais. Nous ne pouvons pas plaire à tous.

THE TREWS / Friday Night Fires / The Carbons

January 20th 2019

Cactus Jacks Nightclub
Kamloops, BC

It was a big premiere for me last Sunday night.  It was the first time I was going out in Kamloops, my new city of adoption, and I was covering my first show in British Columbia for Daily-Rock Quebec.  Like you already know, we wanted at Daily-Rock Quebec to continue our coverage of shows here so that bands from BC can have some exposure in Quebec, and of course help some Quebec bands get the exposure they deserve away from home.

So it was a rock n roll night at the Cactus Jacks Nightclub, also known here as CJ’s.  And seeing The Trews, a good old Canadian band that I’ve always appreciated, was a great way to start my mission!   It was my second time seeing the Nova Scotia band, and it didn’t disappoint.  With their brand new album Civilianaires in hand, the band delivered some great rock n roll to a crowded Cactus Jacks.

Of course, like always, the crowd wanted to hear the hits, and The Trews delivered them superbly.  So she’s leaving, Paranoid Freak, Sing your heart out, Highway of Heroes were the fans favourites, but the new songs were also well received.  This wasn’t a big surprise for me because the new songs from Civilianaires are quite the bomb.  New songs like Vintage Love and The New Us are instant Trews classics, so hearing them live and seeing people react to them the way people did was a real pleasure.

I think a lot of people who were not very familiar to the new material were surprised and quite pleased to hear those songs.  It gives me hope for Rock n Roll…  Too many bands don’t have the guts to release some new songs nowadays.  It is way easier to surf on their old stuff and just grab their pay check.  Not The Trews.  And I salute them for that!

Talking about Rock n Roll…  What about playing some good old Beastie Boys as part of the encore!  That was a surprise, and it was simply brilliant.  Those boys can sure deliver the goods!

Two bands were also there before the main act of the night.  Both of those bands were completely unknown to me.  The Carbons, a three piece rocking machine were there to put everybody into the Rock n Roll mode.  And they did!  Even if their set was quite short, they made me want to listen to them more carefully in the future, and that is rare for opening acts in rock concerts.  Kuddos for you guys!  Just be careful with those drums stunts… sometimes you get yourself on your ass.

Friday Night Fires played right before The Trews, and they left me speechless!  Not only did that band have great rocking tunes, but they also have the looks, the vibe and all it takes to go a lot further than playing as openers for other bands.  Look at them very closely in the future.  Gentlemen, your hard work will pay one day.  Believe it.

All in all it was a very pleasant night out in Kamloops B.C. 
There is always a first for everything.

Texte: Laurent Lépine

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Thanks to Kammerce Promotions for letting me do my first review here in B.C.  If all goes well, it will be the first of many!  And thanks to Cactus Jacks Nightclub for bringing Rock n Roll to Kamloops!