Le Blue Grotto Nightclub état l’hôte lundi soir dernier d’un band mythique au Québec. Un groupe qui n’a plus besoin de présentation dans notre belle province francophone.

C’est donc avec beaucoup d’enthousiasme que je m’y suis présenté. Je n’allais tout de même pas manquer GrimSkunk, un groupe qui a bercé mes années au cégep Saint-Laurent et qui état de passage dans mon bled d’adoption ici à Kamloops.

Pour l’occasion, la formation québécoise était accompagnée du groupe local Bleak Valley, et du band de Vancouver Ninjaspy. C’est d’ailleurs ce groupe qui a terminé la soirée juste après les Québécois de GrimSkunk. Un beau geste de leur part d’ailleurs étant donné la plus grande popularité de Ninjaspy ici en Colombie-Britannique.

Bien dommage que ce groupe de Vancouver ne participera pas à la tournée de GrimSkunk au Québec en Mai, car vous en auriez eu pour votre argent. Une vraiment belle découverte pour moi, et je ferai un papier sur eux dans les prochaines semaines ici même sur Daily-Rock Québec.

Il n’y a aucun doute que nous couvrirons la tournée prochaine de GrimSkunk au Québec. Ne les manquez pas. Pour les dates de tournée du groupe, on visite www.grimskunk.com


Monday nights are usually boring.  But last Monday night wasn’t for sure.  A metal show at The Blue Grotto Nightclub in downtown Kamloops.  That was something I sure wasn’t going to miss.  And to top it all, one of Quebec’s top metal band for the past 30 years GrimSkunk.

I remember back in the day when I was going to college in Montreal seeing those 5 guys playing a kind of music I never heard before in my life.  They probably got me into metal and hard rock…so thank you guys. It was amazing to see those dudes again 30 something years later in British-Columbia, right before my eyes in this small club in Kamloops.

They have been around for 30 years…and they didn’t lose any of their energy on stage.  What a great band to discover if you have no idea of who I am talking about.  You like punk, metal or hard rock?  GrimSkunk is what you need and it won’t disappoint you.  Believe me.

The night started out at 8pm sharp with a very cool band from Kamloops called Bleak Valley.  Like I’ve said many times, I love seeing new bands and discover them.  They were tight, they were loud, good way to start a cool night.  Even if there was not too many people in the club at this early hour, they managed to get the crowd into them, and people looked happy to see a local band starting the show.  If you want to check them out, all the infos will be at the end of the article.

It was time for GrimSkunk.  Even thought it was their tour, they decided to play before Ninjaspy since the Vancouver based band was better known it Kamloops than them.  What a class act it is for a band that has been in the music industry for three decades.  Thumbs up boys.  What can I say more than praise them for the very cool set they delivered?  Probably not so much.  They delivered exactly what I was there for.  Punk-Rock-Metal-Ska at its finest with professionalism at its best.  You just can’t go wrong with a band with such a long and prolific career.

The night ended with Ninjaspy.  Everybody that was talking to me before the show was telling me how good they were.  And again I wasn’t disappointed.  I was kind of surprise to see that the music of Ninjaspy is not very far from the music of GrimSkunk in a lot of aspects.  I think those two bands is a perfect match for a tour like this.  It is just too bad the Vancouver based band will not be part of the shows GrimSkunk will do in Quebec in May.  People of Quebec would have really appreciated this powerful trio.

What a great night it was again in Kamloops.  I wish they would bring some more metal here, and let’s hope it is only a beginning.

Thanks again to Kammerce Promotions for an incredible night that I will probably never forget!

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Bleak Valley:

Textes et photos: Laurent Lépine